Our transition to Phase II is complete. With the latest contracts up and the community governance process underway, AirSwap aims to be the world’s best decentralized peer-to-peer trading system. Staking to vote starts today on Codefi Activate.

AirSwap is a natively global project. From the initial whitepaper through the token launch, both its core contributors and launch participants have been distributed around the world. The token launch itself was among 9,447 people from 135 countries.

One of AirSwap’s earliest goals was to operate as an effective open organization with a transparent structure and process. …

AirSwap OTC enables trading without third-party escrows, deposits, or trading fees. Synthetix, iExec, Tellor, Band Protocol, and more top ecosystem projects have endorsed AirSwap OTC — find out how your project too can benefit from trustless trading.

Decentralized systems like AirSwap enable peer-to-peer asset transfer without relying on third-parties to broker trades or custody assets. Over-the-counter (OTC) transactions, however, are still often facilitated via chat room based escrow services that can turn out to be malicious. Stories of escrow failures and scams have led to fear and frustration within our community.

Trustless OTC Trading

Last August, we launched AirSwap OTC, providing a trustless…

Add your token, set your price. Delegates enable on-chain, non-custodial, and trustless limit order functionality on the AirSwap network through an intuitive interface. Add liquidity today at https://instant.airswap.io/delegates.

AirSwap provides trustless peer-to-peer trading between counterparties, without the need to give up custody, pay trading fees, or sign up for an account. The design resembles RFQ, where automated makers provide prices via API to everyday traders. While this functionality works seamlessly and has allowed the network to grow, adding tokens and setting prices on the network has been limited to those able to run automated makers.

With the introduction of AirSwap…

As 2019 comes to a close, the team reviews the products, development achievements, and community events that shaped another great year. Join us as we take a look at the year gone by and a look forward into the next.

By focusing on our strengths and aiming for further decentralization in 2019, the AirSwap team built a completely new product and protocol stack that is only beginning to realize its possibilities and impact.

As the year began, we set out to broaden our view of what could be done with the system and imagine its unique strengths. We quickly settled…

With latest contracts on mainnet, we’re running a bug bounty indefinitely to reward bug discovery and reporting on specific Solidity smart contracts, with rewards up to 20,000 DAI depending on risk severity.

The scope of the bug bounty is limited to contracts located within the AirSwap Protocols repository that have been deployed onto mainnet. Latest mainnet deploys for the following are at this commit hash.

Swap: Atomic Swap Between Tokens
Indexer: Counterparty Discovery with Staking
Index: Ordered List of Locators
DelegateFactory: Deploys New Delegates
Delegate: Onchain Trading Delegate
Types: Types and Hashes
Wrapper: Use ether for WETH trades

Added Feb…

The AirSwap team traveled to Japan to share our work with the wider Ethereum community. We were excited to meet all of the teams and individuals that came out for the event and thank everyone who attended our talks.

From October 8th to 11th, the Ethereum community came together to collaborate and ideate around how best we can push decentralized protocols, tools, and culture to the masses. Ten of the AirSwap team arrived at the conference with five members leading talks and workshops.

AirSwap software engineers Alice Henshaw, Sam Walker, and Ethan Wessel dove deep into technical sessions, while software…

Our team discovered a critical vulnerability in a new AirSwap smart contract. Read on to understand the steps we’ve taken to prevent the vulnerability from being exploited, and to determine whether you need to take immediate action.

Updated Oct. 3 with technical details below.

On September 12th, our internal security review processes identified a potential exploit in a newly released mainnet AirSwap smart contract. The vulnerability would allow an attacker, under certain conditions, to perform a swap without requiring a signature from a counterparty. The affected code was present in the AirSwap system for under 24 hours, and only affects…

For the next two weeks, Gitcoin and Ethereal Summit are running the Ethereal Blocks virtual hackathon. The AirSwap team has posted bounties to use two new building blocks: the new AirSwap Trader widget and AirSwap Protocols.

AirSwap is a decentralized token trading network built on Ethereum. It’s peer-to-peer, a simple but powerful design that scales without common pitfalls in decentralized trading. To learn more about AirSwap, check out Why AirSwap or visit our Website. Join our Discord server to chat with the team.

Challenge #1: Build for DeFi with AirSwap Trader

Full details at https://gitcoin.co/issue/airswap/bounties/1/3374

Prize Bounty

$2,000 Dai

Challenge Description

AirSwap Trader is an embeddable widget you can use to add…

Decentralized trade starts with an atomic swap. Today, we’re publishing new protocols including on-chain peer discovery and delegation, enabling even more powerful applications and integrations throughout decentralized finance.

Traders on AirSwap continue to use the original Swap contract deployed years ago. It does one job well: to swap tokens and ether. Immutable like any smart contract, it will continue to support applications that fit.

Setting a course

Since then, we’ve seen both needs and opportunities to expand its capabilities and deploy new protocol elements as smart contracts. …

Share and settle over-the-counter (OTC) trades with no counterparty risk, no deposits, and no fees. Trade any size and price between any two wallets. In public beta today at https://trader.airswap.io/.

You glance at the chat to catch it bustling. It’s been a favorite trading group for years, through the highs and lows, the thick and thin. You and your fellow admins have always carefully handled funds as escrow to make trading safe for the community you’ve built.

It’s not been without its share of scams. That time another admin walked away with a truckload of DAI, another time someone tried…

AirSwap Team

AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network built on Ethereum. Our mission is to empower people through global, frictionless trade.

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